About - True Frame Productions is a small company run by Christian Kroitor, based in Montréal, Canada. We specialize in IMAX production & project management, 3D digital imaging workflows & technology, and offer a variety of services to get your project done and bring your vision to life. Services include producing outstanding content, Digital Imaging (for both 2d and 3d), stereography, 4K & 3d technology consulting, and a variety of post-production work. Whether you're looking to create a commercial, shoot a short film, or you're a production manager looking for an experienced technician, don't hesitate to get in touch. Our details can be found below.

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Creativity at its best

Starting in 2004, I’ve always focused on providing great technical know-how and exceptional service to filmmakers, clients, and other producers, whether at home or abroad. I’ve worked with a wide range of clients and productions around the globe, in a huge variety of demanding conditions; in the humidity of the jungle or the heat of the arid desert; crossing the Atlantic ocean inside a navy ship, aerial work from helicopters, you name it. With international experience on independent and big-budget films alike, the technical and creative production services I can provide will help make the project go smoothly, without fail.



Production Services

Producing & project management for projects large & small, from commercials to short films, and with a wide variety of clients and experience, we can help deliver your project on time & on budget.


Digital Imaging (on & offset)

Creating & supporting digital workflows for productions large or small; collaborating with the DP and 3D team to ensure precise, beautiful shots. ONSET work includes providing DIT services with our custom DIT carts, providing almost instant Dailies for the DP and director. It includes using a wide-range of software scripts, tools, tricks and workflow optimizations learnt from almost a decade of Digital Film and 3D experience. OFF-SET, we do the same processing, but at a lower cost for productions: with twice daily pickups, and same-day processing, we stream Dailies to wherever the client is located. Experienced with the Alexa, Epic, One, F55, SI-2K, a variety of DSLR Cameras, and many more, in both 2D or 3D shooting environments.



Providing creative stereography for directors and producers includes advising on a proper 3D workflow, planning, and execution thereof. In pre-production, we will put together a shooting package, design the overal 3d creative narrative, and prep for shooting; on set, I lead the 3D team to ensure the capture of great 3D images; and in Post, I help the director, editor, and DP settle on the best use of 3D for the final film.



Since starting a small production studio on St. Laurent Blvd, it’s expanded to include our Off-set Digital Imaging services, a small editing room, 3D hand-drawn animation software drawing station, a 4K TV and with uncompressed playback systems, 5.1 surround-sound mixing, and a variety of back-end options such as secure backups. We also have a variety of 3D technology and presentation systems that can be rented out on an as-needed basis. See [link here] for more details.


Projects - Here are some of the projects I've worked on, both at home and abroad. Click on the category headers to see only projects of that type. For my own projects, I've sometimes included links to trailers, or the full video on vimeo or youtube. For most feature films, links go to a description, media references, or an official trailer. **NOTE: Hitting the "BACK" button from a portfolio popup will drop you of my website. Use "Escape" or the "X" in the top right corner until it's sorted out.**

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Blog - News, Current Projects, & Random Thoughts

4K Project & Oculus Rift

So I've made some progress on the 4K playback server project; the demo is edited. I'm wondering if I should upload it and get feedback from multiple people or just do the 'online' and just get the 4K ready. I'm going to have to move the entire workstation over to the other room so the film director who's working in the edit room won't be disturbed. Ahhh, the joy of having paying clients! I've also started following up again on the Oculus rift Sandde module project; I'd really like to get some content ready to show to the director. Hopefully the programmer will be able to finish at the end of the month, and we'll have a tech demo up and running by mid next month! I wonder what's going to happen with Oculus now that's it's been bought out by

Second Post! So exciting.

As my second blog post, this one should have some more information. For example, the things I HAVEN'T worked on today include: the 4K Technology Demo, the Oculus Rift exploration, or Karim's

On-set Digital Imaging: DI for Alexa, Epic,  F55,  SI2K, and many more.
Stereography: Creative 3D for projects large & small.
4K Technology: Uncompressed 4K playback systems. 
Post-production: editing, color correction , 5.1 sound mixing, and client presentation options.
Data Management: Looking for secure backups for your footage? Look no further!

Contact - general contact information, and where to find the 4K & 3D editing studio, the production office, and where to pick up and return rentals. Resume & CV downloads can be found [HERE.]

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