The Big Picture

True Frame Productions is a film production & services company specialized in the creation and production of Large Format IMAX projects and bringing them to the big screen. We engage audiences with compelling content that goes further than the obvious, and takes a closer look at the wider world around us.


We produce, project manage, and provide technical services for productions. We are currently based out of Cinespace Film Studios at 777 Kipling Ave. Stay tuned for details on the opening of our new studio offices in the film zone in Toronto (West)

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Creativity at its best

Starting in 2004 as a boutique services provider for IMAX productions, we focused on providing great technical know-how and exceptional service to filmmakers, clients, and other producers, both at home or abroad. We’ve worked with a wide range of productions interrnationally, in a huge variety of demanding conditions; in the humidity of the jungle or the heat of the arid desert; crossing the Atlantic ocean inside a navy ship, aerial work from helicopters, you name it. With international experience on independent and big-budget films alike, the technical and creative production services we provide make production a breeze, from start to finish.


Large Format Production

Large Format Film projects bring their own special challenges; they’re usually shot on the other side of the world, dangling off the side of a cliff, in the jungle, or across a desert, in the most demanding of conditions. We shoot both long format and short-film Large Format projects.

While the switch to Large Format for the mainstream market is considered challenging for many, we’ve always prided ourselves in working with demanding camera systems – in 8K.

Studio & Production Rentals

While we mainly work with our valued dedicated suppliers, we have several niche production items, including a large remote head and specialized 3D filmmaking equipment.

Digital Imaging (on & nearset)

Creating & supporting digital workflows for productions large or small; collaborating with the DP and 3D team to ensure precise, beautiful shots. ONSET work includes providing DIT services with our custom DIT carts, providing almost instant Dailies for the DP and director. It includes using a wide-range of software scripts, tools, tricks and workflow optimizations learnt from almost a decade of Digital Film and 3D experience. OFF-SET, we do the same processing, but at a lower cost for productions: with twice daily pickups, and same-day processing, we stream Dailies to wherever the client is located. All flavours of Alexa (65, LF, XT, Mini, Classic) RED 8K Heliums,  Sony F65/F55, special 3D rigs,  and many more, in both 2D or 3D shooting environments.


In-house post-Lab

Our small operation has expanded to include our Near-set Digital Imaging Trailer (dailies & editorial), Remote Services, our editing bay, 3D hand-drawn animation software drawing station, 4K playback, 5.1 surround-sound mixing, and a variety of back-end options such as secure backups. We also have a variety of 3D technology and presentation systems that can be rented out on an as-needed basis. See [link here] for more details.






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